Welcome to the art room!


My name is Mrs. Phelan and I am so excited to be teaching art at TVES for my fourth year! In our art room it is all about the process- not the product. That doesn't mean we won't be making beautiful creations, but it does mean that the end product won't be the focus of our class. I want every student to enjoy making art and learn new ways of expressing themselves and thinking outside of the box. Through painting, drawing, sculpting and more we will build our fine and gross motor skills and become better problem solvers! Let's have a wonderful year!  

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My Classes

  • Pre-K 

  • Kindergarten

  • 1st grade

  • 2nd grade

  • 3rd grade

  • 4th grade

  • 5th grade

What's going on in art class...
Pink and Black Butterfly

Trail Blazers...

4th and 5th Graders will be helping me create trail markers and signs for our outdoor learning areas this month. This will help us all stay safe and enjoy our beautiful woods around the school. 

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It's sketchbook season!


At the beginning of each school year the students make sketchbooks. We make different styles depending on the grade level but every student keeps their sketchbook in the classroom and can draw in it if they have some free time at the end of class.